Anderwood Electric Weissenborn Demo

Released: October 2016

Running Time: 5 Min 37 Sec

Production Role: Film and Edit

Shot in a couple of takes with the incredibly talented Wille from Wille and the Bandits for Anderwood Guitars. Here’s what Anderwood had to say:

Anderwoods New Custom Shop Electric Weissenborn Model is put through it’s paces by Wille from Wille and the Bandits. This Custom Hand made instrument features a solid Koa top, fully chambered Mahogany body and dual coil tapped Seymour Duncan custom 59’s pick ups, and as Wille shows the tonal possibility are endless. If you like Willes playing and you wanna hear more from Wille and the Bandits then check out the links below. Filmed and produced by the massively talented guy’s at Mr B Productions down in Cornwall.