Mr B Photo – Wavelength Magazinge – North

Released: April 2014

Footage shot by Mr B Photo, shot at the same time as photos from the Wavelength North East article in March / April 2014 issue.

This was just a little road trip with friends Ed and Jak Smith to the North East as the swell looked good, a chance to surf and take a few photos with friends. However word had got out it was going to be good people had come from all over the UK to surf here. I decided to sit out the first big day as the atmosphere was particularly bad in the surf, but luckily we managed to get a couple of hours in the water with just a few friends sharing and enjoying the lineup. After a couple of hours the spot became crowded again and we made for home…

Music by War Kittens –

Surfers Ed Smith, Josh Hughes, Oli Adams, Mark Harris, Joss Ash, Chris Proctor.