One Day With the Fourth Team

Released: August 2015

Running Time: 7 Minutes

Production Role: Water Footage

I filmed all the water footage for this short film, shooting three separate sessions, swimming and filming for over 6 hours during this day in reasonable sized beach break waves. This was one of the first commercial surf shoots I had done for a while and spurred on to lots more projects.

Here’s Fourth Surfboards take on the shoot:

“We quite often have little filming days with the team either individually or together in twos or threes just to keep on top of new shapes and designs we are working on etc….. as a shaper its a massive help. It really means we can analyse how the boards are working. For the first time in 3 years we managed to get all the team in one place on one day so we jumped at the chance to all go for a surf. With the help of POW (The Powerful water co) we were able to get a some really cool angles to document the day. Here’s what happened.”