Released: December 2012

Running Time: 31 Minutes

Production Role: Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Editor

Screenings and Festivals: Premiere at Coast Country Liskeard, Waimea Ocean Film Festival Jan 2013, Vancouver Festival of Ocean Films 2013, Regent Love To Surf Festival – Boston 2013, Cornwall Film Festival 2013, Final 3 of Media Innovation Awards

Synopsis: Brothers Ed and Jak Smith—15 and 21 years old—are surfers from South East Cornwall, UK. Surfing is the central point of their lives; but their story is more than a quest for perfect waves—it is also about family, camaraderie, a deep-rooted connection to place and a sense of inspiration and desire to protect the ocean they love.

Relative is a self produced and funded film featuring Ed and Jak Smith. The film was made on almost no budget, just passion and innovation.

See the ‘making of’ to see the techniques used: