Released: June 2008

Running Time: 59 Minutes

Production Role: Director, Producer, Cinematographer, Editor

Screenings and Festivals: Premiere at Buzious Newquay. O Region Screening – Carruan Farm, Polzeath. Ride, Plymouth. North Devon Screening. Several other screenings across the country.

Synopsis: A British & Irish Surf Film. Perfect Waves, Epic Sessions, Incredible Surfing, All At Home!

Wavelength Review: After almost two years of solid filming and editing Mr B’s long anticipated sequel to Performing Monkeys has finally hit the shops, and it is, to use an overused surfing term, sick. Filmmaker B has been on every good session that has gone down in the British Isles and Ireland for the last 18 months or so and it shows. There is the sickest footage of Scotland and the North East of England ever captured on video, and the South West and Ireland is as good as it gets as well. The movie is standard in its section by section surfer format, but where this movie differs from the previous British made films is there is no filler, and it has a very good independent soundtrack, all edited together into an awesome package. Oli Adams deservedly scores the final section with everything from hell whacks to sick barrels, every other British surfer you’ve ever heard of is in the movie too, making it a classic. At just under an hour it is a good length and very watchable. The DVD is also packed with bonus gear. The film sets a new standard for both the level of filmmaking and the level of surfing.