Surf Snowdonia

Released: July 2015

Running time: 3 Min 43 Sec

Production Role: Filmed and Edited in less than 24 hours.

In July 2015 Mr B Productions was asked last minute to film the four surfers from the Fourth Surfboards team on the new and highly anticipated artificial wave in Snowdonia. Shot in one afternoon and edited through the night, the video features land, water and aerial footage (by Dronescope).


This is it. The moment you’ve been waiting for. The definitive edit from Surf Snowdonia with Oli Adams, Alan Stokes, Gearoid McDaid, Adam ‘Bearman’ Griffiths and Reubyn Ash.

What’s the best compliment possible to bestow on an artificial wave? “It’s just like a real wave.” Such was the judgement of 4th team manager Luke Hart as he watched the wave come good towards the end of its first day in existence.

Can you surf in a lagoon? We asked. And we mean really surf? Different styles, different boards and different approaches…… What happened was pretty special. We have man made waves that along with the novelty, offer a challenge similar to that of the ocean. Can you surf in a lake? Yes you can.

Hoorah for man finally creating waves instead of destroying them. It’s been a funny few days getting the boys there and this wavepool has been drained and rejigged a few times in the process.

Heck. An artificial wave has never caused such a hoopla. Nick Woodman, Mr GoPro flew in by private jet and hopped the final leg in a helicopter to be here first alongside Kalani Robb.

And it might not have a 2m barrel but it is rippable as all hell.