Tomorrow’s Dawn

Released: January 2017

Running Time: 3 Min 26 Sec

Production Role: Film and Edit

TOMORROW’S DAWN – Shot around the UK Pro Surf Tours Thurso Surf Festival event, we managed to film some great sessions in various locations around Scotland’s northern coastline. Tomorrow’s Dawn was put together for Animal Wetsuits, here’s what they had to say:

‘We may be hitting the coldest months of the year, but that won’t stop us from making the most of old Blighty’s most consistent surf season. Perhaps we’re crazy for heading out on those misty mornings when the thermometer’s sub zero but somehow, the fire burning within always prevails.

That being said, we couldn’t do this without the appropriate gear, and that’s why we’ve been working hard to develop the best possible winter wetsuits for UK surfers.

Part of developing a strong wetsuit range is about testing their capabilities, adapting and refining until we’ve got the design just right. A few weeks ago we were privileged to have Mr Alan Stokes himself road-testing our new range of winter wetsuits in one of the UK’s most remote and freezing locations, Scotland’s north coast.

Boy did he score.’

Music: ‘Tend to the Thorns’ by William The Conqueror’