Water Showreel 2015 Short

Released: June 2015

Mr B Productions specialistin water‘ and surf footage showreel showing some recent footage from new camera featuring high quality slow motion and 4K.

Why choose Mr B Productions?

  • – Highly experienced in all conditions.
  • – Can swim and film for several hours matching professional surfers fitness.
  • – Advice and consultancy on shots, locations, surfers, conditions, and possibilities.
  • – Source appropriate / possible surfer and location options if needed.
  • – Work with directors and producers to get the correct shot and take initiative in the water.
  • – Archive of surf footage available.
  • – Archive of ‘in water’ cutaways, underwave and POV shots ready to buy or use.
  • – Deliver anything from water footage for productions to finished edits.


If you are looking for specialist ‘in water’ video please contact me through my website.